Our team

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Who we are?

The IMGA team is based in the center of Marseille, France’s second largest city. You can visit the IMGA there or meet us at one of the many industry events throughout the year, such as Pocketgamer Connects, Mobile Games Forum, GDC in San Francisco, GMGC in Beijing, GamesCom in Cologne, Tokyo Gameshow, Game Connection in Paris or G-STAR in Busan!
Maarten Noyons
Maarten Noyons is the founder of the IMGA. He is in charge of management and strategic partnerships for the IMGA and the IMGA China, when he is not playing the latest mobile game or chess. He is the man who has been in this industry forever and who knows everyone. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at events worldwide.?Reach out to Maarten about strategic alliances, sponsorship opportunities, speaking opportunities and mobile games.
Patricia Lorenzo
Patricia Lorenzo is in charge of our social media. She also works closely with Maria doing marketing and communications for IMGA. Her dreams of becoming the greatest Shadowborn druid were shattered when DNA tests proved she was just human. She compensates by playing MMORPG games in her free time. If you have questions feel free to contact her.
Maria Montagu
Maria Montagu is in charge of the?organization of the IMGA editions together with our on-site partners. She is also in charge of marketing and partnerships so feel free?to contact?her if you have any question about the IMGA.
Jér?me Ducroux is our talented and patient webdeveloper who continues to take www. www.mfbcd.tw to the next level. When he is not behind his computer he prepares for his next theatre performance.
Roswell aka Marc Burghoffer is our man video maker. The man behind the camera and the editing suite. You probably saw one of his wonderful videos about the IMGA here or even here.
Sigrun Sauerzapfe aka SIGGI is our very talented photographer who created the amazing Siggimaton. She is behind all our event's photos that you can find here.?